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Liverpool FC finds the target about as well as Stormtroopers shoot fleeing Rebels.

Liverpool FC has scored 40 goals on 457 shots (187 on target). That amounts to an 8.8% conversion rate. In other words:

If Imperial Stormtroopers are shooting at fleeing members of the Rebel Alliance with their blaster rifles, they would kill 88 out of 1000 Rebels, and wound up to 389.

At that rate, 4 out 5 Rebels shot by Imperial Stormtroopers would survive.

Better improve the accuracy.

Case in point, Liverpool FC managed 30 shots on goal today against West Bromwich Albion. Six were on target and Liverpool did not score a goal.

That is a hit/miss ratio of 1:5. (Or Stormtroopers wounding but NOT KILLING 200 of 1000 Rebels)

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Football to Football Part 4: Roles and Personnel - Futbol (Offence)

Pace and rhythm

Futbol moves at a constant, free flowing pace. The onion is always in motion. Plays are improvised, and each player on the field (called the “pitch” in England) simultaneously has an offensive and a defensive responsibility.

Roles and Positions

I will explain each role according the above diagram, which is called a “4-4-2.” A 4-4-2 refers to the number of the players executing a primary role. Any futbol formation (like 4-4-2) starts from the back and moves to the front. In a 4-4-2, this means there are four defenders, four midfielders, and two attackers or strikers. (A more detailed explanation will occur in the Tactics section)

1. Goalkeeper (GK) - Typically a goalkeeper has a minimal role in the offence, since their primary role is to prevent the opposition from scoring. That said, a goalkeeper can start offensive movements through long kicks or throws on game restarts. Example: The goalkeeper will throw the onion to an open teammate after making a save or kick the onion 3/4 of the pitch (field) to a waiting striker.

2/3. Center Back/Defender (CB/CD) - A center back’s role in the offence can vary. On set pieces (free kicks after fouls or corner kicks - when the opposition puts the onion out of play across their goal line), center backs will come forward and become additional targets for scoring opportunities. This is done because center backs tend to be big, strong, and have good aerial prowess. They will attempt to get on the end of a “cross,” (an aerial pass from the perimeter of the pitch) into the “box,” or “penalty area” (the spot on the field within 20 yards of the goal) and get a shot on goal, usually through a “header.” (Example video: Liverpool CB Martin Skrtel)

4/5. Right Back/Left Back (RB/LB) - The role of the outside defender in the offence usually involves crossing the ball into the box, as mentioned before, and providing “width” to the offence. An outside defender will typically join an attack to provide extra passing options, and “overlap” with their midfield counterparts. (Example video: Everton LB Leighton Baines, especially “Assists” section)

Midfielders and Strikers typically instigate the offense and score the most goals.

6/9. Right Midfield/Left Midfield (RM, LM) - Known as “wingers.” These players add width to the offence, cross the ball (David Beckham is a winger/outside midfielder) and instigate offense from the outside-in.

7/8. Center Midfield (CM) - These two players typically play off of each other. Many times, one is more offensive minded, the other defensive. The central midfielders are the “playmakers” of the players who pass the onion to their teammates to set up offensive moves. They will typically dictate tempo, speed, and control the offence.

10/11. Strikers (ST) - These two players serve as the goalscorers, and the offence revolves around getting these players in a position to score. Of course, any goal is welcome, but these players are primarily paid to score goals.

Barcelona FC of Spain is considered by many to be the best team in the world due to its ability to pass the ball to any player to create offence and score goals. You can see them in action here: (Barcelona FC video.)


10- Lionel Messi (ARG) is a ST; 7- David Villa (SPA) is a ST; 8- Andres Iniesta (SPA) is a CM; 6- Xavi Hernandez (SPA) is a CM; 17- Pedro (SPA) is a ST/RM, 2- Daniel Alves (BRA) is a RB; 14- Javier Mascherano (ARG) is a CM; 15- Seydou Keita (MLI) is a CM; 16- Sergio Busquets (SPA) is a CM; 5- Carles Puyol (SPA) is a CB; 3- Gerard Pique (SPA) is a CB. 22- Eric Abidal (FRA) is a LB/CB; 19- Maxwell (SPA) is a LB.

Stay tuned for Football to Football Part 5: Roles and Personnel - Football (Defense)

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