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The Thin White Doc: New Doctor Who based on David Bowie

It makes sense the latest Doctor should be influenced by Bowie. Bowie is the original Time Lord, since he too is as old as the universe itself and transfers to a different physical form when necessary. It’s totally freaky science. [insert 1970s Dr. Who theme song here - from the Bowie Golden Age]

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GTA Tales: The Calzone

The other day I decided to order a calzone and a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper online from a local pizza store, mostly because it sounded good and I didn’t feel like cooking. The price was about $10.

About 35-40 minutes later, the calzone and 2-liter were delivered - by one of my former students. I was pleasantly surprised. This is what followed (my dialogue is in italics)

  • "Hey! I didn’t know you worked there."
  • "Yeah. Hey, this one’s on the house, I shit you not."
  • [surprised look]
  • "I saw your name took and your order. This one’s on us."

He left before I could tip him. It was cool of him to do that, and he was one of the most improved students in my tech class. 

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How 'Death Stars' wipe out potential planets | IFLScience

And here I was thinking that Death Stars wipe out planets because of superlasers.

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